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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a boat in order to become a member of the NBYC?

Absolutely NOT! Don’t feel intimidated either if you don’t know anything about yachting. Probably 95% of our members are in the same boat.

Do I have to live in Ohio to become a member of the NBYC?

Well, not Ohio exactly, but you definately need to be in the Tri-State area! If you're friends with one of our members let them know you need to be part of this great group of Matey's! Once you're approved by the NBYC Board you'll be sailing to get the     "Welcome Aboard" go ahead!

Aren’t you that place down on the river in North Bend?

You must be referring to North Bend BOAT Club…? No—we are not affiliated with that club—we are a totally different organization. They actually have docks with boats in them.

What is the purpose of the NBYC?

The #1 purpose of NBYC is to create a social outlet for those who are interested in creating new friendships. Every month we have a social event at a different “dock”. Through special events, money is raised to support local charities. In this way we hope to bring a positive outlook to the West Side of Cincinnati and continue a legacy that many of us have enjoyed throughout our lifetime.

Do I have to wear boating attire to NBYC events?

Well, you can…but if you do please be aware that you may be asked to walk the plank! Most of our events are casual attire. We do have a Black Tie Optional Dinner Dance at Christmas.

What are Discount Docks?

Discount Docks are West Side restaurants that we have negotiated a discount perk for our members. When you frequent one of our designated DD’s, you will receive a discount on beverages/appetizers (whatever agreement was made) when you present your NBYC membership card. The discount could possibly be $1.00 off each drink or a percentage off of your check. Please visit our Member Benefits & Travel page to see participating businesses.

Will I have to serve on some committee?

Not at all…but….could you repeat your phone #? NAH! Just kidding! sort of…. We can always use more hands to help! If you are interested in volunteering in some way please go to our CONTACT US page and send a message about what you would like to be involved with.

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