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Our Flag
Steeped in History

The burgee of the North Bend Yacht Club has a lot to say!
Burgees are the symbolic flags of recreational yachting clubs worldwide.
Ours is distinctive because it describes our home port location          
 and a tidbit about the area’s history.

The NBYC is located at North Bend, Ohio,
which lies at the top of the northern bend of the
Ohio River near Cincinnati.
The winding blue line at the burgee’s bottom represents
the north bend itself.
More specifically, our home port is the Aston Oaks Golf Club,
which was built on land formerly owned by
U.S. President William Henry Harrison.

North Bend boasts the homes of both former U.S. Presidents William Henry Harrison (1841) and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893).

That’s why there are two red stars on our burgee…
one for each of the Harrisons!

More about burgees

This from Wikipedia about burgees:

Yacht clubs and their members may fly their club’s burgee while under way and at anchor,day or night, but not while racing. Sailing vessels may fly the burgee from the main masthead or from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast. Power boats fly the burgee off a short staff on the bow.

The officers of a yacht club may fly various burgees appropriate to their rank: for example, the commodore may fly a swallow-tailed version of the club burgee (and the vice- and rear-commodores the same, but distinguished by the addition of one or two balls respectively at the canton). A past-commodore may also be given a distinctively-shaped flag.

Traditionally, the first time a member of one yacht club visits another, there isan exchange of burgees. Exchanged burgees are then often displayed on the club’s premises, e.g., in the office or bar. On “Opening Day”, sailors fly their burgees together.

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