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For Your ConvenienceMembership Renewal Is Now Available By Paypal.
Payment Is A Few Quick Steps Away!
You Do Not Need To Have A Paypal Account To Use This Service.

Please renew my/our NBYC membership for 2013.
_____ $50.00 check for my single membership
_____ $100.00 check for my husband/wife/significant other

Dear North Bend Yacht Club Member(s),


            It is my pleasure to once again address all members of the North Bend Yacht Club as we approach another new year of fun, friendship and charity.

            Our membership continues to grow and our roster has consistently grown over the years. Our docks include Montgomery Inn Boathouse, Jim & Jacks, Somm Wine Bar, La Rosa's, Maury's Tiny Cove, Prima Vista, Kennings Circle K and our clubhouse home at Aston Oaks. We are now accepting Paypal at most events and online for your convenience. I am confident our party schedule will again be fun-filled and satisfying to all of our fine members.

       It is time to again renew our respective memberships. The 2023 dues cover the period

1-1-23 through 12-31-23 and remain as previously established. Paypal is now available or you can kindly make your checks payable to the North Bend Yacht Club and mail by no later than 11-30-22 to:


                                                The North Bend Yacht Club
                                               P. O. Box 55

                                                North Bend, Ohio 45052

                                                Attn: Membership Chairman


            2023 Membership cards will again be issued clearly indicating our alliance with the Yachting Club of America.
Should you decide to renew your membership after December 31, 2022, membership dues will apply along with a $50 fee per member penalty.   

Here's to clear blue skies and calm waters!
Membership Chairman



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