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Our Commodore

Tom Lameier

North Bend Yacht Club (NBYC)

is a social organization centered at the northernmost bend

in the Ohio River near Cincinnati, Ohio (

The mission statement of the North Bend Yacht Club is simply this:

“Fun, Friendship and Charity.”

By gathering socially, members of NBYC develop strong friendships while supporting good causes in our

tristate border community (Ohio / Kentucky / Indiana).

Our Commodore, Tom Lameier, was the driving force

that first filled NBYC’s sails.

After enjoying membership in the Mount Adams Yacht Club

(near downtown Cincinnati), he ported the idea to

Cincinnati’s West Side and soon recruited friends

who did the same in return.

There were more than 50 members by the club’s first official meeting

in January 2010, and in that same month, NBYC was accepted

into the Yachting Club of America (

NBYC has grown has consistently grown since its inception.

The infectious spirit behind NBYC events makes a positive mark

on the community of North Bend and the entire West Side of Cincinnati. We truly enjoy sharing our time, talents and donations

to further charitable causes in our area,

and we relish sailing together into the future.

Join us!

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